Picz from WoW…..

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U can come say hai to me if ya play WoW-

Draka US server – Adoraa•Horde•70 Survival Hunter

Draka US server – Szo•Alliance•Lowbie Druid

Draka US server- Velanz•Horde•Lowbie Ghey Rogue


The Blog, Karma and Kittenz!!

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I play a few online games cos yush I dont have a life it seems =O

Anyhooo… this is going to be an uber awesome journey through those [[SecondLife and WoW]] as seen by moi! AMG I bet ure soooo interested.. Good.. keep up! Soooo thats this…basically …

Oh and today I learnt a valuable lesson in Karma.. and that infact it is about and its gonna get choo and bite your arse!

So that being said BE NICE Peeepz!!!

Oh some random pics of Kittens and stuff to make u feel all fluffy and nice! awwwwzzz =p